DJ Mix #528 - lelú

DJ Mix #528

8 Dec. 2018
- lelú
Luka Knezevic aka lelu is a Belgrade based house music DJ & producer. He started producing in 2008 as a Drum & Bass artist and trough personal evolution stationed himself in house music, where he's known best for a unique flirt of 90's Hip-Hop, Funk, Disco & Acid sounds. Raised by a singer and vinyl collector, Luka was exposed to different music genres from an early age on. On top, since his uncle was a guitar player and his grandfather well known song writer, it was inevitable that Luka will take the same steps one day. Keep an eye out for this exceptional talent! Tracklist: 1. Cherriep - Drip Drop 2. DPHS - Reca 3. Slim Hustla - Outer Streets Inner Peace 4. Black Loops - Inner Trippin 5. Chris Stussy - You & Me, Together 6. DJ Psychiatre - Wearing baggys like it's 1995 7. Scruscru - Awayday 8. DJ Dine & Dash - Mysterious Rhythm 9. Scruscru - LVRZ 10. Jad & The - BP 12. Saint Paul - Naturist Behavior 13. lelú - Song In Me (When I See You) 14. Etur Usheo - Dreamin For You 15. Javonntte - Rock With It (Bwi-Bwi Remix) 16. Agua Re - Holy Dance (Large Sound Mix)