DJ Mix #524 - Hidden Recordings Supermix

DJ Mix #524

18 May. 2018
- Hidden Recordings Supermix

DanceTelevision presents DJ Mix #524 - Hidden Recordings Supermix

Welcome all to a very special supermix by the Hidden Recordings talents. Solid and steady. New York City's Hidden Recordings has endured the test of time, finding its niche and continuing to thrive in a fragmented 140-character world. It carries a well-respected legacy known for pushing sonic boundaries with consistent and carefully curated releases from fresh newcomers and established artists alike, becoming a gifted, international cohort.

The imprint's focus has always been on releasing top notch techno, its patient, quality-based approach has earned Hidden Recordings the support of renowned and diverse talents throughout the world. Techno is the thread that binds together Hidden Recordings? Discography, however the fabrics and patterns it connects are numerous.

Speaking to this ideology is hearing the the hypnotic, Berlin and Detroit infused sounds of JC Laurent ; the cavernous, spatial and industrialized hard-hitting music from Yuuki Sakai and the dark, heavy, dramatic and cinematic feel of label boss, Deepak Sharma. Stay tuned to Hidden Recordings for more mean and quality sounds!

Featured Remixers: Developer (Modularz), Tadeo (Token Recordings), NX1 (Nexe) Oliver Deutschmann (Mote Evolver)

01 00:00:00 Veer
Tarek Soltani
02 00:03:40 Broken Cymbal
Albert Van Abbe
03 00:09:00 Bubbli
Patrick Siech
04 00:12:50 Attraction Law
JC Laurent
05 00:17:00 The Twin Course
Foreign Material
06 00:20:00 Room Two
Kalter Ende & Sarf
07 00:25:10 Partrition
Deepak Sharma
08 00:26:30 Leave One
Pfirter & Par Grindvik
09 00:30:50 Equality
Mental Resonance
10 00:35:00 Primal
11 00:40:00 M31
Jonas Kopp
12 01:30:35 Jam Ea
Yuuki Sakai
13 01:36:20 Witness
JC Laurent
14 01:42:00 Makalu
Deepak Sharma
15 01:46:00 Ran-Tan
Yuuki Sakai
16 01:50:55 Hoax
JC Laurent
17 01:55:20 Partrition
Deepak Sharma
18 02:02:00 Di Go
Yuuki Sakai
19 02:05:00 Bias Test
Deepak Sharma
20 02:11:00 Comprised Sentence
JC Laurent