DJ Mix #505 - Time Traveler

DJ Mix #505

21 Dec. 2017
Time Traveler
Michele Pinna already known for his imprint The Triangle records, is the name behind this rough and crude figure, expressed through a language that finds its highest expression in an industrial distorted apocalyptic techno. Browsing the Chronicles Diary's pages we could find the sound of the rusty machines and the uncoded synthesizers. The image evoked comes from a post apocalyptic black future. Time Traveler's makes his debut at various festivals, such as Amore Festival and in big room clubs headlining with names as Andrew Fletcher from Depeche Mode, performing live- and DJ- mixes. His sound already attracted attention of such techno legends as Dave Clarke (@dac), Black Asteroid (@blackasteroid), Bas Mooy (@bas-mooy), Detroit Techno Militia (@detroittechnomilitia, Brian Sanhaji (@brian-sanhaji) and DJ Hyperactive (@dj-hyperactive), who did remixing work for his productions. Time Traveler surely stands strong on his grounds and continues to wreck dancefloors around the globe. A proper Friday kickoff with a studio mix from Time Traveler for episode 505 of DanceTrippin Mixtape series, enjoy! Check out the snippet of Brian Sanhaji's treatment of Time Traveler's 'Alpha', out soon on Chronicles Diary: Tracklist: - Don?t crash - front 242 cover Leather Strip - Grid - Pinion - Future 16 - Ypah - Fight for the power - Endlec - Christeene - Butt muscle - Hornet - Thommy 47 - Here comes fear - Black Asteroid - Outdo (Heavy Metal Mix) - Time Traveler - ? - ? - Dragula - Rob Zombie - Baptism - Regis - This is religion - Luciano Lamanna, Luca Mamone - Insomnia - Faithless - Rave heart - Jigensu - We have control - Halloy Mental - ? Time Traveler / Chronicles Diary: