Dj Mix #473 Third Son

DJ Mix #473

17 Mar. 2017
Third Son

---TRACKLIST BELOW--- Aside of contributions on his own imprint Polymath, Third Son has released on premier dance labels such as Noir Music, Sincopat, Einmusika, Selador, Stil vor Talent and Definitive Recordings, earning himself a spot in the premier league of forward thinking dance music innovators. The Polymath label can be defined as ?many talents? with artists involved including Digitaria, Finnebassen, Einmusik, Jonas Saalbach, Franz Alice Stern, Miss Melera, Habischman and Third Son himself, among others. The Polymath concept asks different artists to create pieces inspired by their perception of a singular theme, building a stunning catalogue of releases to date, including 'Nirvana', 'Decay', 'Soul', 'Devotion'and 'Genus'. This forward thinking label put creativity first, giving their artists the freedom to share their own visions on a given notion, to push and stretch their boundaries and to present inspired tracks adorned with divine artwork.






Third Son - Autodidact Pt.II - Einmusika

Darlyn Vlys - Blackroom - Sincopat

HearThuG - Apathy - Polymath

Third Son & Darlyn Vlys - Orson - Upon.You

Jonathan Kusuma - Mordor Disko - I’m a Cliche

Vitalic - Levitation - Caroline Distribution

Kiko - Onze - Noir Music

Third Son - Udon - Unreleased

Third Son - Solemn Circuitry - Sincopat 

Johannes Brecht, Christian Prommer - Voix Grave (Johannes Brecht Version)