DJ Mix #458 Fernando Lagreca

DJ Mix #458

7 Dec. 2016
Fernando Lagreca

An Urugyaian, going by the name Fernando Lagreca, is next in line for our guest mix series. To shake things up a bit, we were lucky enough to put him down for a live set, composed with fresh sounds and sharp melodies never heard before. Fernando has been located in Barcelona now for almost 15 years, playing the local clubs and developing his artistic vision. Enjoy his one hour long Techno madness. Fernando's own words on the live mix: Hi everybody. I am glad to present to you my techno live act here on DanceTrippin. I usually don?t do live acts with such techno flavored sounds, but this time I thought to myself why not ? The live is composed with 1 x elektron analog rytm + 1 x elektron octatrack + 1 x novation circuit. Just hardware and no computers involved here, only used the computer for recording. With the octatrack I can explore the infinite possibilities of sampling, plus creating rhythmical structures on the fly with the analog rhythm as well as the novation circuit, which, next to that, let's me add two synths layers, great for base lines and some pad. So, it's a lot of fun for me to play this way, with my hardware toys! Greetings and peace to all DanceTrippin' listeners and fans! Cheers!