DJ Mix #419 Ost & Kjex

DJ Mix #419

28 Apr. 2016
Ost & Kjex
Norwegian duo Ost & Kjex have gone a long way: From their debut album “Some But Not All Cheese Comes From The Moon” (2004), which consisted entirely of sounds originating from cheese and biscuits, over their much applauded spicy second long player “Cajun Lunch” (2008, released on Diynamic) and many collaborations with high-flyers such as Solomun (“Federgewicht”), Jamie Jones (“Summer Time”) or H.O.S.H. (“Woo Hoo”), they have grown to become one of the few acts that perfectly bridges the gap between Underground Electronic music and Indie Pop.
Ost & Kjex found people liking their music, but nobody really believed in their modus operandi, the exclusive use of food as a sound source. In the blessed summer of 2008 the boys stumbled upon Solomun, the head honcho of Diynamic. A chance meeting resulting in a collaboration track called "Federgewicht", which was their entrance to his highly acclaimed record label.