VJ Stivo

Stv-Visuals VJ collective was officially founded in 2008 and was started by Ivo Slaats., he was adopted by the VJ virus for years by then! Nowadays the collective consists of:

* Ivo Slaats (VJ Stivo)
* Bas Teegls
* Keven Schumann
* Jeroen Effing
* Dave Groeneveld
* Tom Schilder

Each with a lot of experience in live VJing, Motion Design and visual shows.

Their abstract style combined with motion, colors and some humoristic elements will absolutely add an extra dimension to your musical concept. In the past few years they performed at many events like:

Cocoon goes Amsterdam (ADE), Extrema Outdoor, Solar weekend festival, Decibel Outdoor, FreeFunk, Yum Yum, Treetz, Festyland, Karotte’s Kitchen, Time Warp (Mannheim / Rotterdam)…. and many more.