NUDISCO - a name that takes two dimensions "music" and "time" into an artistic statement - evolved clubsound. It's been nearly 40 years since 4/4 oriented clubmusic started it's breakthrough in the worldwide scene, and in contrary to fields like fashion it sure has evolved and reinvented itself for a thousand times.
That Hamburg Trio "nudisco" has to gain it in the past years with your numerous publications created more than respectable a good reputation in things of club hits accuracy and this far over borders of Germany.
By your DJ activity developed in the course of the last years well over 20 club-suited remixed "EDITS" of well-known TRACKS exclusive for the DJ suited use such as played in the clubs to present peoples their completely own Style.
In addition the close friendly connection to DJ colleague ensured but that your "EDITS" became ever more popular and soon in ever more clubs and even on the Mayday was to be heard. By the support of Boris Dlugosch, Mike Litt, Markus Gardeweg the Disco Boys and Rainer Weichhold became ever more DJs on nudisco attentively and it followed further to inquire by Hell, Tom Neville, Timo Maas, Tune Brothers, Tonka, Kiki & Phonique, Martin Eyerer, Tom Wax etc..

With the 10 nudisco EDITS 2005 still another remix for L├╝tzenkirchen's associated to "DAILY Disco" on one of the best German labels "GREAT STUFF" and your own 2. Single "the music" on Bikini Tacks arrive into the German Dance Charts.
2006 they do Remixes, among other things for B.U.R.N.E.D. "Schneid" on BIKINI TRACKS and Markus Gardeweg & Michi Lange "One Nation" on KONTOR records. Also many new Club Edits for their DJ Live performance and in September they released their 3rd Single "Ticket to Ride & Big City Lights on Bikini Tracks. 2006 ends with with their new 3 Track EP "Rock Im-Puls" on Karatemusik.

2007 they contributed on POKER FLAT an amazing remix of Trentem├Şller's album opener "Take Me Into Your Skin", which was exclusively available on Beatport and later on iTunes. After this success they released more remixes like Stephan Bodzin aka Swoop "Black Market" on CRAFT , Groove Rebels "Breakpoint on HAMMARSKJOELD, Kaiser Souzai's "to the beat" on Milk & Sugar's electrolabel ROTOR, Stylophonic's "Dancefloor" Hymne of the Dolce & Gabana TV-spot on SUPERSTAR and many more.

Beside those Remixes and DJ Skills they produced 6 new singles on labels like YELLOW TAIL (with Piemont & Stereofunk remixes), GASTSPIEL (with Kaiser Souzai & Monoroom remixes), HAMMARSKJOELD (with Dejonka and Butch remixes), KARATEMUSIK (with Moritz Piske & Phunklarique remixes), once again their follow up on YELLOW TAIL and at least on FORCE SENSE (with Lars Wickinger & Chris Fable remixes) .. so watch out!!

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