Based in the culturally rich city, St. Petersburg, Russia, Marymoon has become a matriarch female figure in a majorly male dominated electronic music scene.

The music producer and DJ first began her creative career with the visual arts, graduating with a degree from the prestigious Institute of Arts in London. After graduating Marymoon decided to explore her other love, DJing and music production. With a background and talent in art, the artist combined her love for electronic music with digital visual art performances, making her one of the kind in the industry.

Over the years, the artist by heart hosted various successful exhibitions around the globe, including St. Petersburg, Venice Biennale, New York and London. Soon, the name Marymoon began gaining an interest from famous names in the industry. The DJ and music producer decided to further her career and began exploring her sounds in Hollywood. 

After finding her unique sound, Marymoon released her first EP on the Human Resources label - a world-renowned Russian electronic label. The international success of the EP brought her the life-changing opportunity to play at international DJ sets at the most famous festival venues such as Burning Man.

Recently the talented Marymoon has been working on her latest Tech House EP and fans wait in anticipation for what the artist will be bringing them next.