The Man With No Shadow

The Man With No Shadow – shady name for a respectable dj. Gaining notoriety as co-founder and resident of the infamous GZG raves, he is now one of Holland’s most wanted techno jocks. Representing the underground with a stern smile towards the mainstream, he’s winning over crowds across the Netherlands and beyond. A matter of timing or just a captivating choice of records? Who’s to say. Somehow The Man never fails to supply magical moments.

The philosophy behind the GZG parties isn’t genre-based, but aimed foremost at capturing the ‘New House Feeling’. A whole new generation of underground clubbers has been inspired by these raves in old warehouses, on boats and in deserted factories. While crowds grew steadily over the last six years, so did the fan base of promoter and dj The Man With No Shadow. As his organization was defying the authority’s regulations, he was breaking the rules of club land from behind the decks. Musically, he nourished an extraordinary blend of silk-mixed techno: patiently luring you into his aggressive grooves, he always finds the perfect moment to make the dance floor explode with a surprising record.

His talents haven’t gone unnoticed. In 2007, The Man brought his musical passion to one of Amsterdam’s most renowned clubs. His Sunday Spirit at Studio 80 is now the best running Sunday night in town, presenting alongside himself in a star-studded program every month. Moreover, GZG has gone legit, hosting areas at major events like Mystery Land and The Love Parade, and organizing its own festival (GZG Zomerpark). The Man With No Shadow is a household name for quality dance music, setting aflame the raunchiest of rave holes to some of the world’s leading events.

Most recently, The Man’s focus has become more international – especially since he was an intercontinental resident for Sensation Deluxe in 2009 and 2010. Headlining the second floor of the world’s largest travelling indoor event and touring thirteen country’s – including Portugal, Denmark, Russia and Spain – has not only strengthened his determination to conquer all corners of the Earth. It also proves that a great dj isn’t defined by his productions, but by his ability to rock any given dance floor.


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