Eddie Amador

2004…. Eddie Amador has been a busy man. Earlier this year he moved to Amsterdam (The Netherlands) to concentrate on production and DJing. “Living in Los Angeles, the scene is dominated by Hip Hop and Trance” he explains. “It was rare that I even DJ’d there. I was constantly flying to Europe and the rest of the world to DJ, sometimes 2-3 times a month.”

He felt uninspired to produce and felt that moving to Europe for a little while would get his creative juices flowing again. Good move. Since living there, he’s collaborated with numerous producers such as Ian Carey (Soul Providers) under the artist name SATURATED SOUL. Their first single “Got to Release” was immediately signed to Defected Records.

Eddie has also collaborated with Tom De Neef under the artist name “BAZEMENT FREAKZ”. Their single “Spikehead” is due out for release on ID&T and Blanco y Negro this fall. Eddie’s also got a project with WAWA on FLUENTIAL titled “The Afterparty,” and a project with Willy Sanjuan on WEEKEND RECORDS titled “Push My Bass” all due out later this year.