100% ISIS (NL)

Isis, formally known as 100% Isis, is one of the female pioneers in the global electronic music scene. As 100% Isis she jumpstarts her career at age 17 with a residency at Club RoXY (Amsterdam) from 1992 -1994. Instantly she starts her long running international career, performing at famous venues and festivals in territories like Europe, USA, South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Glastonbury Festival (UK), Creamfields (UK), Ultra Music Festival (Miami), Winter Music Conference(Miami), Sensation White (Amsterdam), Kater Holzig (Berlin), Boom Festival (POR), Pacha (Ibiza & New York), Space/DC10/Amnesia (Ibiza), Rex Club (Paris), Tresor (Berlin), Fuse (Brussel), Bar25 (Berlin), The End (London), Club RoXY (Amsterdam), The Cat & The Dog (Tel Aviv), 10 Day Off (BEL), Oppikoppi (SA), E-Werk (Berlin), Cocoon Club (Frankfurt), Welcome To The Future Festival (Amsterdam), Studio 80 (Amsterdam), OHAF (Amsterdam), Awakenings (Amsterdam), Landjuweel (Ruigoord), Shoeless (Amsterdam) and Mysteryland (NL) to name a few.

Isis likes to hear the human behind the machines if she’s listen or dance to electronic music. Her DJ style is marked by both hypnotic and acoustic influences, but not bound by a singular musical approach.

In 2002 her talent is recognized globally and she is ranked in top ten of the worldwide female Tech-House DJ’s. In 2003 she becomes known as one of top 600 of the best DJ’s worldwide. In 2009 The national 5th of May committee declares Isis as Ambassador of Liberty for the Dutch Independence day . This honorable title allows her to join the queen for the annual Remembrance ceremony, continued by performing five big shows throughout the country. In the same year Isis releases her first EP ‘Liberte’. In 2010 Isis is appointed as ‘Nachtburgermeester van Amsterdam’ (Nightlife Ambassador), and serves as such for its 2-year term. Her function was to monitor the nightlife of Amsterdam and to build bridges between local politicians, entrepreneurs, artists and its audience. A result of Isis’ Ambassadorship is the realization of the Magneet Festival, partnered with Jesse Limmen in 2011. Magneet Festival is a crowd-sourced festival that uses an online co-creation platform in order to assist in the programming of the event, a pioneeringconcept in Europe. In 2011, Isis receives ‘the life time achievement’ GK Award . In April 2012, Isis celebrates her 20th year as a professional DJ at a sold out event in Paradiso (Amsterdam), marking her overall time in the business as one of the first professional women in worldwide dance culture.

Throughout her DJ career she has full filed numerous extraordinary performances like dj-ing as support act for a private concert of Prince (1993), presenting her work to His Royal Highness Prince Willem Alexander in (2009) and playing for 100.000 people at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen (2010). Three of her mix albums became top 10 ranked in the national album charts.