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Mon. 5 August 2019

DanceTelevision launches its first event in Bulgaria!

After nineteen years as a pioneer in electronic music video, DanceTrippin turned in 2018 a page on a new chapter to become DanceTelevision (DT)

DT is a video app featuring a series of Channels, each curating Dance Music video content from all around the world and in various genres.
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Having recently moved the office from Amsterdam to Sofia, and getting excited by the fresh local scene during our few nights out, we thought it would be great to try launching one of our dearests projects here in Bulgaria: [re:vision]


What is [re:vision]?

A boutique event & content experience at the crossroads of music, design, and video. 

For almost 20 years we've been creating videos for the music, artists and events we love. Trying to reflect your emotions when finding or losing yourselves to the dancefloor under the reassuring vibrations of the sound system. 

Today with [re:vision], still using video, we want to capture and reflect more of the artist's perspective on the music she/he plays. 

Our visual content producers at Sinewave, as well as local talents, will create a dialogue with the music artists to produce visuals that will support the story of her/his act during the [re:vision] events. 

This vinyl shop, bar, and nightclub is the perfect lair for all minimal fans, its two-ways screen perfect for our concept, this combination perfect for [re:vision] videos! 


Chapter I ? 

Our goal is to turn this concept into a series of events, regularly creating these videos to promote the local scene and talents that are the heart of our community.
Different locations, different styles, same approach... the sky is the limit! 
But we need to start somewhere.

So we've decided to give it a try while celebrating the (already) ending summer with you! 


Deep Tech Minimal edition? 

For this very first event, we have chosen Micro, an underground sounds bastion in the heart of Sofia, to host this first chapter of [re:vision]. 

This vinyl shop, bar and nightclub is the perfect lair for all minimal fans, its two-ways screen perfect for our concept, this combination perfect for [re:vision] videos! 


How much is it to come?

This is pilot, and we are new in town... So we want to make it easy for you to come and meet with the team. 

This way we can introduce ourselves, get to know you better and hear your thoughts!

So, only your support and/or physical presence is required this time!


You have questions? Want to bring your support? Post a comment or send us a private message!

See you on the dancefloor !
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